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Life as a Harvard-Westlake Student Athlete

By Morgan ’26

Being a student athlete at an academically challenging school like Harvard-Westlake can definitely sound stressful. However, being part of Harvard-Westlake athletics is both an oasis from studying and a tool to help sharpen your knowledge and skills. As a Harvard-Westlake student who’s part of the varsity softball team and a club softball team outside of school, my life can get very busy.

I usually have school softball practices from Monday to Wednesday from 4 to 5:15, then have club practices on Tuesdays from 6 to 8 and throughout the Weekend. Taking 4 to 5 classes beforehand may seem stressful however, sports offer an opportunity for me to destress and change my focus after school. This is partially due to my teammates who I met purely through taking softball at Harvard-Westlake. As an athlete at Harvard-Westlake, you’ll get to meet so many people you wouldn’t get to meet without being one, especially since many people on your team may be a different grade from you. When you go to your practices after school, connecting and talking to your teammates can feel liberating from a day of focus and hard work. In addition, if you’re having trouble with a class, your older teammates who have taken that class or who are currently taking it can help teach you or can simply make you feel better while relating. Talking and joking around with my teammates while getting ready for practice or games has significantly reduced my stress levels and improved my attitude toward certain classes. 

As an Harvard-Westlake athlete, you also have access to amazing coaches who can help you with school challenges. My varsity softball coach has always been available as a shoulder for me to lean on through academic struggles. The connections that you make as a Harvard-Westlake athlete carry throughout your academic life and the frequent practices and games allow you to have a constant outlet that you can consistently rely on. Whenever I have practice at the end of my school day, I feel assured that I can make it through whatever challenging obstacle comes my way and that if I ever need help I have people that I can rely on. Being a student athlete at Harvard-Westlake has made me better at both my school and my sport .


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