Audrey Kim is a new 9th grader at Harvard Westlake. Her favorite parts about the school are all of the amazing classes and the welcoming environment of the school. When not doing schoolwork, Audrey is reading books, playing games, and watching TV. Audrey is really excited to welcome prospective students to HW this year!
Clara came to Harvard-Westlake in 9th grade from Valley Charter Middle School. In addition to being a student ambassador, she is an active member of HW’s performing arts community participating in plays, musicals, improv and acting electives. Clara particularly enjoys her English classes, yoga directed study, and clubs such as GSA (Gender Sexuality Awareness), Peer Support, and Stonecutters (the visual arts and literary magazine). Outside of school, Clara’s hobbies include playing ukulele, going to museums, hiking and listening to music. Clara is so excited for her second year as a student ambassador and is always open to answer any questions!
Davis joined the Harvard-Westlake community in 7th grade coming from Laurence School. He joined the Student Ambassador program that year and has enjoyed welcoming and talking to prospective families ever since. Davis is a Junior Prefect and represents his grade on Prefect Council – the Upper School’s Student Government. Outside of Prefect Council, Davis is an Assistant News Editor for The Chronicle (the school newspaper), on the leadership team of Venture (the school’s entrepreneurship organization), a member of the Speech Team, and a stage manager for the Upper School’s performing arts productions. Davis also enjoys participating in Peer Support, Harvard-Westlake Outreach Performers, and Westflix (the school’s student film festival). Outside of school, Davis is politically active and has volunteered for various politicians and campaigns, including President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. Davis’s favorite part of the Student Ambassador program is getting to share his love for Harvard-Westlake with prospective families. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact him!
Hannah is a sophomore at Harvard-Westlake, and she has been part of the student ambassador program since 7th grade. At school, she is involved in Peer Support, Model UN and ceramics. She is also involved in Venture, the entrepreneurship organization, and she writes articles for the Chronicle (HW’s newspaper). Hannah is so excited to be a blogger this year and looks forward to meeting all of you!

Illi came to Harvard-Westlake in 7th grade, after spending 5 years at Brawerman Elementary School. She was born in London, England, and moved to Israel when she was 5. She moved to the US in 2013 and has lived here ever since. Illi has danced at HW since 7th grade and has loved every year. She enjoys languages, and is fluent in both English and Hebrew, and is taking French III Honors and German directed study. In her free time, she enjoys baking chocolate chip cookies and reading. Her favorite book so far has been The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. Illi looks forward to her high school experience at Harvard-Westlake!

Julie is a sophomore who first came to Harvard-Westlake in ninth grade, and has been a Student Ambassador since. She plays on the HW softball team and participates in the Red Cross Club. She enjoys taking a class on video art, and a Directed Study about linguistics and the evolution of English. In her free time, Julie enjoys listening to music, and spending time with her dog Cleo and friends. She is looking forward to being a Student Ambassador for the 2022-2023 school year, and is excited to be a part of the blog!
Lila is a student ambassador and current 9th grader at Harvard-Westlake. She loves dance, baking, and talking with friends. She is in Dance Production at the middle school, and absolutely loves it! Outside of school, Lila coaches gymnastics and hangs out with friends. Her favorite thing to do during a free period is talk and study with friends. Her favorite thing about Harvard-Westlake is the community and kindness of everyone. Lila loves all her classes, but her favorite is history because she loves the teacher and finds it engaging. Lila is always open to answering any questions!
Luke is a Harvard-Westlake 8th grader who previously attended the John Thomas Dye School from 2nd to 6th grade. Along with being a new member of the Student Ambassador program, Luke is a member of the 8th-grade Debate team and participates in clubs such as the Ethics Bowl Club, LAHSO, and Venture. In his free time, he enjoys solving Rubik’s cubes, wakeboarding, and spending time with his sisters and dogs. Finally, Luke is very excited to be a part of the Student Ambassador Program this year and give prospective students a positive admissions experience!

Morgan Mia IsabelleMia has been a proud member of the Harvard-Westlake community since her 7th grade admittance from The John Thomas Dye School. As soon as the opportunity arose to join the student ambassador community, Mia became an engaged member and enjoyed any chance she had to help. Now as a co-chair, she is ecstatic to have an even larger role in assisting as many students as possible through their own admission journeys.

In addition to co-chair, Mia is currently learning both the flute and piccolo, two instruments taught to her through the middle school band curriculum. Prompted by her enjoyment of the flute in particular, she is excited to perform for a judge at the Royal Conservatory of Music as well as take part in a music theory exam. Mia also plays school tennis, and she plans on continuing her involvement in the sport by participating on the high school team this upcoming season. During her first year, she and her teammates worked especially hard and were proven successful when they won the championships.

Through her love of medicine and desire to be a doctor, Mia has found a passion for helping children in the hospital. Because of this, she and her two friends co-founded a non-profit organization which they refer to as Kits4Kids, with the goal of supporting children and their families while in the hospital. Through their drive to help, the three of them host events where volunteers can assemble “kits” for patients with the intention of comforting, engaging, and uplifting during times of need. In addition, Mia is a proud ambassador to Curious Cardinals, a program that helps children find and pursue their passions through enrichment opportunities with experienced mentors.

Overall, Mia is so honored to have such a large role in the student ambassador community, and she cannot wait to assist the program as much as possible! Feel free to contact her if you have any questions whatsoever!

Riley is so happy to be a part of the Student Ambassador program! Riley is a devoted student and came to Harvard-Westlake in 7th grade after graduating from Village School. Riley is devoted to educational excellence as well as athletic excellence. Riley is very passionate about soccer and plays for her club, LA Breakers FC (She is on the 2008 ECNL team). At school, she participates in both volleyball and soccer. Other than sports, she also loves writing. She has won a few poetry competitions for her work and plans to enter many more. She is a part of Drive Action and runs her book club outside of school called Bookworms. She is on the Honor Roll and plans to continue to stay on it. She loves hanging out with friends and family, playing with her dog (Teddy), and reading in her free time. She is a huge fan of murder mysteries both books and TV. She loves Harvard-Westlake so much and is very excited to share her experiences and thoughts with applicants!
Sabrina is a new 9th grader at Harvard-Westlake and a self taught artist. She was a guest lecturer at UCLA in an arts education class and was the youngest artist featured in the Chinese American Museum’s digital engagement initiative. Sabrina won the grand prize in an international fan art contest for her favorite graphic novel, Stephen McCranie’s Space Boy, and won a LADWP poster contest. She recently illustrated Teen-Safe driving pamphlets distributed at Miller Children’s Hospital. Sabrina enjoys spending time with her brother, two puppies, and drawing in her sketchbook.
Sophia is a junior at Harvard-Westlake. She first came to HW in seventh grade, and since then has been an active member of the Student Ambassador program. She is on the school tennis and swim teams, and she also takes part in Model UN and Junior Classical League. She hopes you enjoy what the Student Ambassador Blog has to offer, and happy reading!

Sophia is a junior at Harvard-Westlake and came to the school from Hesby Oaks Leadership Charter in ninth grade. Outside of the Student Ambassador program, she is a member of the Upper School’s FRC Robotics Club, an editor in the Babel (the world language magazine), and plays cello in the Upper School Symphony. She also is on the Marketing and Campaigning team of Bear Boxes, a community service club, and involved in the knitting and crocheting club, to which she donates her work to for charity. In her free time, she loves to read and write short stories and comics, as well as learn knitting patterns.

Tali joined the Harvard-Westlake community in 7th grade from Heschel Day School and is thrilled to be a student ambassador! At Harvard-Westlake, Tali loves playing trumpet, writing for the Spectrum (the Middle School newsmagazine), and attending clubs. She participates in the Latin-American Hispanic Student Organization (LAHSO) and the Jewish Culture and Antisemitism Awareness Club (JCAAC). In her free time, Tali likes to read, spend time with her younger brother and sister, and play with her puppy, Sunny. Tali loves Harvard-Westlake and is excited for this opportunity to share her wonderful experiences with prospective students!

Alli came to Harvard Westlake in the 2021-2022 school year as a 7th grader. Before becoming a Wolverine, she went to John Thomas Dye School from K-6. Alli has many hobbies including crafting, creative writing, and tennis. She is on the 7th and 8th grade tennis team which takes place during the Fall. Alli loves to explore and has been to over 30 states in the country, she loves going to art museums, and much more. This admissions season, Alli is very excited to share her experience with prospective students and families as well as introduce them to this amazing community.