Agatha '26

Andrea '26

Audrey '27

Ava '26

Camille '29

Emma '28

Hannah '25

James '27

Lisa '26

Max '25

Mia '25

Miro '28

Morgan '26

Sabrina '26

Sophia '24

Agatha is a sophomore and does Student Ambassadors, track & field, drawing & painting, and symphony at Harvard-Westlake. Agatha was a new 9th grader last year and came from Walter Reed Middle School IHP. Outside of school, she enjoys reading, baking, and hanging out with friends and family.
My name is Andrea and I am a sophomore this year. I first joined Harvard Westlake as a new ninth grader and connected with the community at HW. Since then, I became a Student Ambassador to help incoming families understand and connect with HW. I am involved in HW media and enjoy the many opportunities that Harvard-Westlake offers.
Audrey is a new ninth grade student at Harvard-Westlake. She participates in the middle school symphony orchestra, the high school fencing team, and writes for the Spectrum school newspaper. Aside from academics, she loves reading books and hanging out with her friends in the student lounge.
Ava is a sophomore at Harvard-Westlake and was a new ninth grader last year. She participates in tennis and track at HW and loves to read, cook, and play piano. She is so glad to be participating in the ambassador blog and help prospective families and student choose HW!
Hi, I’m Camille, a seventh grader at Harvard-Westlake! I went to Crestview Prep before I joined HW. Amongst other things, I participate in fencing, concert strings, and speech.
I’m Emma, an eighth grader in the class of 28’. I previously attended John Thomas Dye School, and I made the honor roll in my 7th grade year at Harvard-Westlake. I love art, and my favorite subjects are English and painting and drawing!
Hannah is a junior at Harvard-Westlake and has been part of the Student Ambassador program since she came to the school in 7th grade from Echo Horizon. At school, she is an Assistant News Editor for The Chronicle (HW’s newspaper) and works behind the scenes on upper school theater productions. She is so excited to be a blogger this year and looks forward to meeting all of you!

Illi came to Harvard-Westlake in 7th grade, after spending 5 years at Brawerman Elementary School. She was born in London, England, and moved to Israel when she was 5. She moved to the US in 2013 and has lived here ever since. Illi has danced at HW since 7th grade and has loved every year. She enjoys languages, and is fluent in both English and Hebrew, and is taking French III Honors and German directed study. In her free time, she enjoys baking chocolate chip cookies and reading. Her favorite book so far has been The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. Illi looks forward to her high school experience at Harvard-Westlake!

I’m James and I’m in 9th grade. This is my first year at Harvard-Westlake, and I decided to become a Student Ambassador Blogger because I love to write. I also enjoy diving, drawing, and biking with my dad.
My name is Liwen (Lisa) Cheng. I’m currently a sophomore at HW. I have been a student ambassador since I entered HW in ninth grade. In school, I’m an active member of choir, competitive science teams, and the fencing team, as well as the founder of the Alzheimer’s Caring Club. I’m really excited to write about HW life!
Max is a junior at Harvard-Westlake. He has been a student ambassador since seventh grade and was a co-chair as a freshman. Outside of the ambassador program, Max is an Assistant Opinion Editor at the Chronicle, the school’s student-produced newspaper, and a member of the varsity Lincoln-Douglas debate team. He is excited to be an ambassador again this year and hopes you enjoy the blog!
Morgan Mia Isabelle Mia is a junior at Harvard-Westlake and has been a student ambassador since joining the HW community in seventh grade from the John Thomas Dye School. She has had the privilege of serving as a past co-chair for the program and loves giving tours and answering questions. Outside of being a student ambassador, Mia enjoys playing on the varsity girls’ tennis team, serving as a leader of HW Venture, Harvard-Westlake’s business and entrepreneurship organization, and sitting on the school’s newly founded Mental Health Alliance. In her free time, you can find her volunteering at TEEN LINE or the Kevin Love Fund, grabbing a coffee with her younger sister, or teaching her dog Sadie a new trick.
My name is Miro and I am an 8th grader at Harvard-Westlake Middle School. Before HW I attended Brawerman Elementary School. At school, my favorite subjects are Programming, Stagecraft, History, and French. In my free time, I love technology and playing video games with my friends such as Minecraft.
My name is Morgan and I am a 10th grader at HW. I’m a student-athlete at Harvard-Westlake. I play softball and I’m part of the Red Cross club, Crafting club, and the Women in STEM club.
Sabrina is a current sophomore and an active member of the Harvard-Westlake Athletics Social Media Team, Student Mental Health Alliance, FRC Varsity Robotics Team, and more. She is a self-taught artist whose illustrated poem inspired by the Harvard-Westlake School community is currently featured online in Questions, the official journal of PLATO. Sabrina enjoys spending her free time with her brother, two dogs, and animating.
Sophia is a current senior at Harvard-Westlake and has been a Student Ambassador for four years coming. In her free time, she loves to create stories, listen to music, or spend hours in the robotics room poring over wires. It seems like it’s been so long since she first stepped onto the middle school campus in ninth grade, and she’s excited to spend the rest of her senior year doing what she can to better the school community.

Alli came to Harvard Westlake in the 2021-2022 school year as a 7th grader. Before becoming a Wolverine, she went to John Thomas Dye School from K-6. Alli has many hobbies including crafting, creative writing, and tennis. She is on the 7th and 8th grade tennis team which takes place during the Fall. Alli loves to explore and has been to over 30 states in the country, she loves going to art museums, and much more. This admissions season, Alli is very excited to share her experience with prospective students and families as well as introduce them to this amazing community.