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Managing Your Work at HW

By Lauryn ’26

There are several ways to prioritize your school work during this stressful time. Utilizing the X blocks that Harvard-Westlake builds into your schedule is one of them. Free periods (X periods) are great times to socialize and do your homework. You can study with your peers, while going over school related worksheets. Using a planner is another positive effect on your work experience at Harvard Westlake. You can organize notes, tasks, and upcoming assessments/tests. 

Aside from planners and X blocks, having an organized environment is one of the key ways to succeed in prioritization and organization. Whether it’s an organized desk, planner, or calendar, organization is one of the most important ways to manage stress and frustration at HW. About twice a week, take time to organize your planners, journals, desk, calendar, etc. 

In addition to organization and free periods, reframing from procrastination can diminish your levels of stress. Though this can be challenging to many, this will save you in the long run, and for future assignments. Try getting into the habit of doing your work early, so that you can have the available time to socialize and free your brain from stressful assignments. 

Lastly, clearing out insignificant/old papers helps with collecting the correct materials and information needed for class. All of these aspects that help out with prioritization are great tools when starting out at a new school.

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