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A Day in the Life of an Eighth Grader

By Tali Gurule

Each day at Harvard-Westlake is exciting and unique.  The clubs, classes, teachers, and students provide endless opportunities to try new things and challenge yourself.  ⁠I can’t wait to share my incredible experiences with you!


5:45 – I wake up and start preparing for the busy day ahead!  


6:20 – The yellow bus appears around the corner!  I greet my friends as I board the warm bus.  Since I live about an hour from school, bus rides are a prominent part of my day.  In the mornings, I fill that time with homework, talking to friends, or sleeping.  


7:10 – I arrive at school with plenty of time to socialize or meet with teachers!  Meeting with teachers is crucial.  If you don’t have any frees during the school day, you can meet with them before it starts!  Teachers will always work with you and are available if you need anything.  Also, the cafeteria has an extensive selection – including breakfast options!  Sometimes, my mornings at home are rushed and I don’t have time to grab something to eat.  The Harvard-Westlake cafeteria has a delicious menu ranging from breakfast burritos and bacon to french toast and waffles.


8:00 – Graphing and linear equations in Advanced Algebra I!  The teacher guides the class through different concepts, and then gives us a chance to try them for ourselves.  My math teacher is always open to questions and tries so hard to help us succeed.


8:40 – ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!  In class, I learn not only the Spanish language but the culture as well.  We learn about different holidays, foods, and Spanish-speaking countries.  


9:25 – Break!  I usually head to different clubs with my friends, but it’s also a great time to meet with teachers, hang out with friends, or get a snack!


9:55 – Lighting Bunsen burners, experimenting with chemicals, and watching epic demonstrations in Integrated Science II! Science class is incredible because you can try new things, test your theories, and learn so much.


10:35 – During this semester, I have a free during fourth period.  It’s a great time for me to get a head start on my homework or meet with teachers!


11:25 – Learning about ancient empires in new ways!  In World Civilizations, we learn about ancient history through drawing assignments, video projects, and engaging discussions.


12:15 – Dodgeball!  Badminton!  Softball!  Pickleball!  In P.E., you participate in a different sport each cycle, so you are familiarized with lots of exciting sports.  P.E. is a great way to meet friends and try something new!


12:55 – Lunch!  In my opinion, chicken tenders are the best item in the cafeteria.  However, there’s also sushi, hamburgers, sandwiches, a daily special, and an assortment of drinks and snack foods. 


1:40 – Playing trumpet in Concert Band!  In band class, we play fun and challenging pieces while preparing for our upcoming concerts.  Twice a year, the entire instrumental music program congregates to showcase its work.  It’s always amazing to see how far the band progresses throughout the year!


2:25 – Plays and novels!  English is my favorite class because we explore literature through a creative and analytical lens.  We have open and engaging discussions while learing to think from the character’s perspectives.  Currently, we are reading the play, Cyrano de Bergerac.  We’ve embraced the character’s views by acting through various scenes.


3:05 – School’s out!  I have twenty-five minutes to go to my locker and retrieve my trumpet before heading to the buses, talking to my friends along the way.


3:30 – The early bus leaves!  If I don’t have any activities after school, I take the early bus home.  Usually, I start my homework or talk with my friends.  


4:30 – Finally home!  After a long day at school, I’m back home!  Now, I’ll do my homework and study before getting in bed, ready for another amazing day tomorrow!

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