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Black Leadership Awareness and Culture Club (BLACC)

By Lauryn ’26

The Black Leadership Awareness and Culture Club (BLACC) at Harvard-Westlake is an excellent place to find yourself, as well as learn about cultural and ethnic excellence. Through this pandemic, it has been hard to connect with your peers and expand your knowledge on different themes. BLACC is a great source of socialization and branching out, especially as a new student at HW. During BLACC meetings and events, you can talk about your experiences at Harvard-Westlake, as well as simply sharing your ideas and thoughts with the Harvard-Westlake community. 

I have seen a great spark of confidence within myself, as well as high self-esteem, ever since becoming a part of the Black Leadership Awareness and Culture Club. I have felt that the BLACC program has provided me with a comfortable space to express my thoughts and ideas, as well as the Harvard-Westlake experience I face as an African American student. I have felt that I have been able to share things that can improve our school community. 

BLACC is also a great way to learn about different cultural aspects that students may relate to. I can feel a great sense of belonging to the BLACC program, as it not only is a way to share your thoughts, but a great way to learn about different Black ethnic excellence. I have been very proud of my ethnicity and culture, and BLACC is one of the sources that allows me to do so. 

BLACC is a great way to learn about Black leaders and influencers. BLACC has provided me many ways to learn about Black leaders, and how they impacted our world. I am so thankful to be a part of the BLACC program, and I hope to see you soon! 

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