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Competition Math at the Upper School 

By Kriste ’24

The Upper School Math Club is a place for aspiring mathematicians to socialize, converse and bond over mathematics. 

The Math Club meets after school on Thursdays to prepare for competitions, including the American Math Competitions 10 and 12, American Invitational Mathematics Examination and Purple Comet. Students have previously competed in the Caltech Harvey Mudd Math Competition and Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament as well. 

The Math Club is, however, much more than a place to study mathematics; it is a place for bonding. Working through difficult problems in a cooperative environment, students immerse themselves in the values of teamwork and collaboration. Olivia W. ’23, a member of the Math Club, said being able to meet students who share her passion and interest through the Math Club is an exciting experience. 

“It is exciting to see and meet fellow students who share my passion for math,” Olivia said. “I love the environment at Math Club because it is so supportive. Competition math can get extremely rigorous and competitive, yet the Math Club has managed to find the right balance between fostering a supportive environment and an academic one.”

Competition math is never an easy topic, let alone one that is commonly discussed among students and faculty members on campus. Olivia said the Math Club has allowed her to engage in conversations regarding mathematics without fearing judgment. 

“I have often felt intimidated to talk about mathematics, and especially competition math, with others, given the scarcity of students interested in the field,” Olivia said. “The Math Club, on the other hand, has allowed me to socialize with students who equal my love for mathematics. To be able to connect with students who share my interest is what makes the Math Club such a wonderful experience.”

The Math Club is a welcoming space for interested students, regardless of experience. Members and leaders, alike, are excited to welcome new students to the club and increase the club’s reach across campus. 

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