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Incredible Opportunities at Harvard-Westlake: My Ed-Tech Journey

Mia Morgan ‘25


As a student, Harvard-Westlake has provided me with many incredible opportunities to discover and explore my passions. Through the school tennis team, I have found my love for teamwork and communication, while video art class has been a thrilling experience that challenges me to think deeply and creatively. With the support of Harvard-Westlake, I have immersed myself in the activities and classes that interest me most, allowing me to learn and grow in areas of enjoyment.

Out of all the incredible opportunities available at the school, however, my most extraordinary experience has been my involvement with Curious Cardinals, an education-technology (ed-tech for short) startup. I first discovered the business through Alec, a co-founder and Harvard-Westlake alumnus, who promoted a Spanish culture course offered by the company to my eighth-grade language class. I was immediately excited by the idea and enrolled right away. 

During the course, I actively participated in discussions, asked thoughtful questions, and completed assignments passionately and enthusiastically. The company noticed my dedication and offered me a position as an ambassador. I still vividly remember Audrey, one of the co-founders, sharing the exciting news with me. 

Throughout my years working with the company, I took several of their courses and contributed to the company’s growth by doing valuable work, including SEO research, partnership formation, and event planning. One of my most unforgettable experiences was when the ex-CMO of Apple, who worked during the launch of the first iPhone, spoke to the Curious Cardinals team and me. Talking with her and gaining insights into marketing ignited my passion for the industry and solidified my love for business ventures. Later, I had the pleasure of meeting other successful and inspiring individuals like the CFO of American Express and the founder of a highly esteemed non-profit organization in STEM, all of which brought me immense joy and excitement. 

As I continued to work hard, I was honored with a promotion to Director of Media at the company. In my new role, I work closely with the CMO and lead a team of dedicated individuals. This experience has allowed me to develop my marketing skills and strengthen my leadership abilities by guiding an incredible team. 

Harvard-Westlake has played a huge role in shaping my life and helping me discover what I love. Thanks to my beloved school, I have had the opportunity to work for a company that has helped me gain confidence, learn valuable life skills, and have fun in the process. Working with Curious Cardinals has been a dream come true, and the team is full of incredible people, role models, and friends. Each Zoom meeting with co-founder Audrey or Slack message to my team serves as a powerful reminder of my gratitude for the company, and I am so thankful to Harvard-Westlake for presenting this opportunity to me. 

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Last modified: February 27, 2023