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LAHSO At The Upper School

By Nathalie ’23

Everyone deserves to find a place where they feel the most comfortable at school. Whether that’s on a sports team, an art club, or an affinity group, Harvard-Westlake strives to include every member of its community. One of the spaces I feel the most comfortable in is the Latin American Hispanic Student Organization (LAHSO).

LAHSO is one of many affinity groups that can be found on both the Middle and Upper School campuses. We meet on Day One of the six day upper school cycle during lunch. At our meetings we discuss important issues affecting the community such as the gentrification of Inglewood as a result of the creation of the SoFi Stadium. One topic we discussed in depth was whether Encanto was an accurate depiction of generational trauma among Hispanic families and whether or not we enjoyed the movie. We also gather to share updates about our week and we create a space where everyone is welcomed and supported to share. Sometimes, we like to bring moments of fun for students to take their minds off of school for a few minutes by playing Just Dance and Pictionary. Throughout the year we also plan school wide events such as LAHSO Fest in the beginning of the academic year and a sleepover towards the end of the year. Events, like these two, allow us to share our culture with our classmates.

Having this space to bond and get to know other students who understand your experiences highlights Harvard-Westlake’s goal of inclusivity. Spaces, such as LAHSO, provide students with the support they need to achieve their goals and step out of their comfort zone. 


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