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Leading HW Athletics’ Social Media

By Mia ’25

In the short four-and-a-half years I have spent at Harvard-Westlake, I have reveled in the remarkable opportunities provided to each member of the school community. As a student, I have explored a myriad of interests and discovered passions in areas I would have never expected. For instance, an incredible English teacher played a pivotal role in helping me appreciate the beauty of poetry despite my prior aversion to the subject. Thanks to her guidance, I now find myself delving into the works of Frost and Dickinson as a source of enjoyment in my free time. Outside the classroom, I was reacquainted with my love for tennis thanks to the positive and inspiring environment that Coach Durisic fostered on our varsity team. I am grateful for the opportunity to practice with my amazing teammates, and I always look forward to the energy and camaraderie shared on the court.

However, working on the HW Athletics social media team is, by far, one of my favorite activities. This past summer, I worked as a data analyst intern for a zero-party data company, a job I adored, and I was devastated that my time there was ending with the start of the new school year. That’s why I immediately jumped on the opportunity to join the sports communications team when I received an email asking for student volunteers. Since then, I have spent every Thursday for the past two months meeting with like-minded peers to exchange ideas, create content, and discuss areas of growth. Not only has the popularity of our content grown dramatically, but the production quality has soared to new heights. When I was chosen to lead the Instagram branch of the team under our fantastic athletic director, Mr. Kelly, I could not have felt more proud or grateful for the opportunity to enrich my fellow Wolverines with the knowledge and skills I learned through my summer job. Although I was excited by the privilege of teaching my teammates about leveraging data insights, I am lucky to continue learning from them just as much. We have become an incredible community of passionate and dedicated individuals, and I look forward to watching our viewership continue to grow in the coming weeks.

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Last modified: November 6, 2023