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Welcome to the Upper School!

By Lily ’23

Most prospective students fall in love with the gorgeous Middle School campus, but when you reach 10th grade and walk onto the Upper School campus you instantly feel its unique beauty and a different kind of high school environment and spirit.

Upper School students are treated as mature, independent learners. Teachers are always willing to help students with any questions, or if they just want to explore a new subject or enhance study skills.

There are many clubs at the Upper School, ranging from Model UN to a Ping Pong Club to a Taylor Swift Club. If you are interested in something, the Upper School will probably cater to it. Students also have the option to start new clubs and try new sports teams.

In 10th grade, each student is assigned an Upper School Dean who guides them and eventually becomes their college counselor. This gives students and deans time to get to know each other and feel comfortable before learning about the college process. In 10th grade, students create a “three-year plan” with their dean. All tenth graders have Life Lab class led by their dean where students talk about the Upper School and other topics. In 11th grade, students start to learn about the college process and have the opportunity to go on a college trip in the spring. Senior year, students and their deans revise and submit their college applications.

The Upper School bookstore has the most incredible items and faculty. When you visit the bookstore, you will leave with a smile (and maybe an HW mug or sweatshirt :)).

The Upper School is a big community, but students have lunch at the same time which allows all of the grades to get to know each other.

All in all, the Upper School is different than the Middle School, but wonderful in its own ways!

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