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The Greatest Musicians

By Nathalie ’23

Imagine you’re at the Summer Night Concert in Schönbrunn, hosted by the world-renowned Vienna Philharmonic. You stare in awe at the one hundred and forty-five person orchestra as they enter into the last few measures of their piece, emphasizing the true raw emotion through their forte playing. As you sit there, you think about the passion behind the movements of every musician, the way they lightly tap their feet to keep time, and stare in intense concentration at their sheets of music. Ever since I was younger, these same thoughts had run through my head as I listened and watched instrumental versions of songs. I wondered how I could learn to play an instrument as beautiful as the violin and mesmerizing as the cello.

When I came to Harvard-Westlake I was beyond excited to learn how to play the violin, it was one of my hidden passions. As the school year began, we listened to several pieces and I found myself drawn to the cello. The rest is history! For the next three years, I would continue to learn different positions, extensions, shifts, notes, and so much more about cello music. Every year, my passion for music increases and I feel excited about sharing this passion through our performances. Learning to read music and appreciate it is like learning a new language, one that allows you to communicate without words. One of the best aspects of Harvard-Westlake is that you have a multitude of opportunities at the palm of your hands for you to explore and further your interests. So, if you enjoy playing an instrument or have always wanted to learn, I highly recommend joining the Classical or Jazz Ensembles on either the Middle School campus or the Upper School! Don’t be afraid to try something new!

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