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Getting Situated (Fast Start and Other Things!)

By Alli ‘27

When going to a new school, it may be tough to get situated. New teachers, new classmates, bigger class size, and in some cases a much bigger campus. For some, it may be scary. You may be worried but you don’t need to be. Harvard-Westlake is here to welcome you with open arms. 

There are many things that HW does to help you adapt to this community. First, we have Fast Start. Fast Start is a program that happens for a week every August during which the new students are given the opportunity to experience life here at Harvard-Westlake before school starts. Students participate in half days where they go to English, math, science, and HW life classes. In each of these periods, you get a feeling of the courses at HW and what it will be like, and you get to meet plenty of new people.  At the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, when I came here as a 7th grader, I participated in the Fast Start experience. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity, as I had made so many friends in that one week and had a blast. 

On that note, it may be scary if you are the only student coming from your sending school or if you are a little shy. I can assure you everyone at Harvard-Westlake is here to make friends and will reach out to you. You really don’t have to worry! Along with that, there are many people here to help you with anything you need. For example, if you ever are lost and don’t know where to go, if you go up to anyone and ask them, they will be happy to help you– any 8th or 9th grader, faculty member, dean, and many more. 

When getting situated as a new student, you may be worried about homework. The homework load here at Harvard-Westlake is as such: each class is given a limited-length amount of homework. Not only that but student schedules are great, with free periods given so you can do homework, hang out with friends, and much more. 

Don’t be worried, scared, nervous…You got this! 

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