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The Middle School Bus Experience

By Tali ’27

Mornings on the Bus

Early in the morning, I board the bus and start my day at school.  On the bus before school, I usually read, talk with my friends, or just relax and get ready for the fun day ahead of me!

Catching the Bus After School

After the school day ends, I have twenty-five minutes to go to my locker and hang out with friends a bit before the early bus leaves at 3:30.  I love taking the early bus because I’m able to finish homework and relax before getting home.  If I take the late bus, I leave school at 5:45.  The late bus is super convenient because it leaves just after activities and sports practices end.  During the fall sports season, I played volleyball and participated in debate; I took the late bus three times a week.  Sometimes, I might just go on the late bus because I want to stay with friends after school or finish some homework in the library.  

On the Bus

The bus is super fun for me because I’ve made lots of friends.  Every day, I look forward to spending time with them in the mornings, and after school.  The bus is always super relaxed and quiet, so I can do homework, read, rest, or chat with friends easily.  No matter what I’m doing, the bus is a wonderful start and end to my day!

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