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The Learning Center

By Alli ’27

Hello everyone. My name is Alli and I am currently in my first year at Harvard-Westlake. As I am still taking in all the opportunities and places at this school, I wanted to explain The Learning Center and how it can be a helpful and fun place to experience. Students can go to The Learning Center for any help related to their academics–maybe it is a study skills check-in, maybe it’s help with organizing your week, or possibly you need a writing clinic to help you organize an upcoming essay. 

This is a place where students spend their free time and get the support they need.  Using the facility to its full potential–whether it be completing homework with Mr. Cha, puzzling through math problems on the whiteboards, studying terms, discussing academics with Ms. Gabrail,  or even just socializing with your friends on the couches–is a great tip for academic success at HW. Whatever it may be, The Learning Center is a great place for you to discover at Harvard-Westlake. It is a resource that not everyone knows about but it integral to getting adjusted to school at Harvard-Westlake. 

Throughout this first semester, I have really enjoyed The Learning Center and whenever I am in the library, I always love to check in to see who’s in there and to sit down and take in the experience. Though where is this located? As I discussed, The Learning Center is located in the middle school Munger library. Following a series of bookshelves, located in 3 separate rooms is The Learning Center. Even though it is in the library, and sometimes you have to keep the volume down a little bit, The Learning Center is always such a lively and energized place. There is the room with Mr. Cha as well as the whiteboards and tables, the couches room, and Ms. Gabrail’s office. In addition to being an awesome place to get help, the view overlooking Horn Commons doesn’t hurt either. Stop by The Learning Center to say hi to Mr. Cha and Ms. Gabriel who are always there for you with whatever questions you may have!


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