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A Day in the Life of a Sophomore

By Illi ’24

I wake up to ABBA’s 70’s hit Dancing Queen blaring from my phone on the other side of my room. After getting ready and having had some breakfast, I head to my sister’s car. On our way to school, we pick up my best friend. The drive is quite polymathic in itself. We listen to music from various countries, discuss our favourite novels, practice our foreign language skills, and, of course, talk about our day-to-day lives at school. 

Once my sister parks her car, the three of us take a moment to finish up the song we were dancing to. From the senior lot, we walk to the Quad, where we greet our friends. I see on the Wolverscreen that today is Day 4, which impacts my schedule. Before each 75 minute class, I like to make a quick stop at my locker to drop off anything I won’t need for this period.

I head over to Rugby Hall, where all English classes are located. My first class on Day 4 is English II with Mr. Gonzalez. Today, we are discussing different Ars Poetica poems that we were assigned to read for homework. Hearing others’ insights in regards to the poems is fascinating, as always

Then, we have break. During this time, we can socialise, have a snack, or get a head start on homework. However, at 9:40, I must head over to Seaver for my next class: French III Honours with Madame Bruno. In this class, we spend time going over our homework from the previous class, learn new vocabulary, and study grammatical structures. We also practice our speaking skills.

Next, we have our lunch break. On day 4 at lunch, I have my Novelty Book Club meeting back in Rugby Hall. Our faculty advisor, Ms. Lane, makes an immense effort to come to every meeting. We are currently reading and discussing Sally Rooney’s Conversations with Friends. Once the meeting is over, I have time to have some lunch with my friends before heading over to my next class: The Art of Dance II with Ms. Clancy in Chalmers. This class gives us a chance to exercise and collaborate with our peers in a creative way. Ms. Clancy makes sure to teach us the history behind every type of dance we study!

After dance, the 12th graders have their class meetings. Because I am not a 12th grader, this is a free period for me. I typically go to Mudd library or onto the Quad to get started on my assignments. At 1:45, I start my final class of the day – Chemistry with Mr. Vo in Munger. Today, we are doing an in-class lab about precipitates in chemical reactions. 

At 3:00, I am dismissed for the day. My sister and I drive back home without my best friend, as she is staying for soccer practice and will be taking the late bus back home later today. Once I arrive home, I complete my homework and study. After dinner with my little siblings, I study some more, and study a little more after I shower. I make sure to be fully organised for the following day before I go to sleep, which typically consists of packing my backpack and choosing my outfit.

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