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The Variety of Courses at HW

By Audrey ’27

Hello prospective Harvard-Westlake families! My name is Audrey and I am a new ninth grader at HW. When applying to Harvard-Westlake, one can easily recognize the high-quality academics and athletics that are offered. HW no doubt has a prestigious reputation and is a highly competitive school, but I feel this is only the surface of what makes it truly great. While attending HW, students have the opportunity to study pottery, ethics, music, creative writing, painting and so much more. The school takes the time to create facilities that allow students to immerse themselves in their passions, such as the Robotics lab or the Whisper Room specially outfitted to record podcasts. Students can participate in the highest level of academics while pursuing their passions, whatever they may be. The variety of courses offered at Harvard-Westlake is what has taken my experience to another level and one of the things that drew me to the school. While attending the school, I have been able to deepen my passions for music and journalism in addition to exploring new activities I would never have done otherwise, such as fencing. 

The variety of classes at HW transforms the experience into something similar to that of a college, where students can explore what interests them and discover the best paths for their futures. As such, students are left confident and have gained a deeper understanding of themselves.  Students in ninth grade may pick up to four elective courses to accompany their academics throughout the year. This ensures that students can participate in numerous subjects that pique their interests, without having to sacrifice one subject for another. 

Harvard-Westlake also encourages students to try new things and take risks. While students are perfecting their talents, there are also numerous opportunities to gain new ones. As a result, they will finish their high school careers as well-rounded, multi-talented people ready for the future. HW celebrates curiosity, empowering students to explore instead of boxing them in and confining them to a multitude of parameters.

Celebrating the passions of individuals has led HW to acquire a student body with diverse talents including, athletes, artists and mathematicians. This allows for students to learn from their peers and gain knowledge in every day interactions. However, it is important to note that HW does not expect prodigies. As long as a student has ambition and is willing to embrace their interests to the fullest, they will succeed. My experience at Harvard-Westlake has been truly amazing and I have had the privilege of meeting so many unique individuals with a wide array of  talents and abilities. HW’s variety of courses accommodates everyone’s interests and makes school a joy to attend. We are honored by your interest in our school, thank you so much for your consideration!


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