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By Lily ’23

Ciao! Benvenuto a Harvard-Westlake! I am happy to have the opportunity to take Italian at HW and I truly look forward to the class.

Italian is a Directed Study offered at the Upper School, and classes meet twice a week during the six day cycle. Italian is a fun and beautiful language.  There are two levels of Italian: Beginning Italian Language and Culture and Intermediate/Advanced Italian Language and Culture. In Beginning Italian, we sing Italian songs, such as “La Vasca” and “Buona (Cattiva) Sorte,” to immerse ourselves in Italian culture. We are learning to conjugate and use important verbs. We have been practicing pronunciation and improving our conversational skills by speaking Italian in class.

Upper School students grades 10 through 12 can sign up for Italian, so I have made new friends from all grade levels. Italian has the greatest number of students of any class that I am taking this year.

I love Italian and highly recommend taking the Italian directed study!

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