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The Basics of a Free Period

By Natalie ’25

When taking a look at the middle school schedule, one of the first details you may notice is that core classes meet five days out of the six day cycle. During the day that students do not meet, they will have an X, or free period. While certain electives work the same as core classes, many meet every other day. 

Students spend their free periods in many different ways, but many either eat lunch, go to the library, meet with teachers, or simply talk with friends or classmates. Below are the four main ways that students tend to spend their free time during the school day. 

  1. In addition to free periods, each student contains a lunch period, which can double as an additional X. Although it is written as lunch, it technically counts as another free in your schedule. The majority of students eat during their assigned lunch period, but once they finish they tend to do any of the following activities and more. 
  2. The library is one of the busiest places on campus. Students, faculty, and staff walk in and out all day, eager to help. KITS (a mandatory 7th grade class) and a handful of history and English classes meet in one of the two classrooms within the library. When I want to do homework and socialize with my friends, I head straight there! I sit with friends and we catch each other up on our days. In addition, if I am having difficulty on a assignment, there is always someone to help. Occasionally, if I want to study or focus in an entirely quiet space, I go into a room known as silent study in order to do so. When I want to work with classmates and friends, I find myself in group study with Mr. Cha, the academic advisor, who is always available for his students.
  3. In addition, if I ever feel behind or need some extra help, I schedule meetings with my teachers. It is highly recommended to reach out at any point if you have questions or concerns regarding your class, grade, specific assignment, test, etc. The X period allows you and your teacher for that class to always have a common free period to meet. 
  4. Finally, if I have fewer assignments or ample time at home that night, I will spend time with my friends during common frees. We like to walk around campus and talk or hangout on the field. 

In all, every student enjoys their free periods, whether by working in the library, eating lunch with friends, or meeting with teachers. It is not only a helpful opportunity, but a great way to enjoy the social life that comes along with being in-person again.

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