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What is My Day Like As a 7th Grader at HW?

By Tali ’27

As a seventh grader at HW, my days are filled with interesting classes, great teachers, fun activities, and good friends.  I’m excited to share my day with you! 

5:30 am:  Wake up!  When my alarm goes off, I get dressed for the day, check that I have everything I need in my backpack, and grab breakfast as we head out the door to catch the bus.

6:25 am:  Get on the bus!  On the way to school, I usually chat with my friends and we compare our schedules for the day.

7:20 am:  Arrive at school!  I head to my locker to grab my books.  After I put my trumpet in the instrument room, I still have time to catch up with friends before class starts.

8:00 am:  School starts!  My first class of the day is American History and Government.  Right now, we are learning about the legislative branch.  My teacher is amazing, and I’m excited for our trip to Washington DC over spring break!

8:40 am:  Second Period!  My second period class is Beginning Band and we are practicing for our first concert. 

9:25 am:  Break!  There are so many different clubs to join at HW.  During some breaks, I meet up with my friends and get a snack in the cafeteria.  Other times, I go to a club or study for an upcoming test.

9:55 am:  Third Period!  My third period class is Spanish.  ¡Mi maestro es muy bueno! 

10:45 am:  Fourth Period!  Time for PE.  I have ten minutes to change into my uniform, so I head down to the locker room.  In seventh grade, there are a lot of fun sports to try during PE, including badminton, softball, and swimming.  It’s fun to try a sport you might never have played before.

11:25 am:  Lunch is definitely one of the best parts of the day!  The food at the Middle School cafeteria is amazing and there are so many different options.  From chicken tenders (my personal favorite) to sandwiches and salads- it’s almost too hard to choose!

12:10 pm:  Sixth Period!  During sixth period, I have English.  In English class, we are reading The Outsiders and discussing the narrator’s perspective.  I love English!

12:55 pm:  Seventh Period!  In seventh grade, you take a Visual Arts class and a KITS class.  In KITS, you learn technology and research skills, while spending time in HW’s amazing library. 

1:40 pm:  Eighth Period!  My eighth period class is Integrated Science I.  In seventh grade science, the largest topics you cover are matter and chemistry.  The labs are really interesting and fun!

2:25 pm:  Ninth Period!  Pre-Algebra is my last class of the day.  The math teachers are all really great and always happy to answer any questions you have.

3:05 pm:  School is over!  My friends and I go to our lockers and get a snack before heading to the bus or to our next activity.

3:30 pm:  The early bus leaves and activities start!  If it’s a day when I have debate, volleyball, or softball, I stay on campus.  I’ve made so many new friends through debate and sports, and it’s so fun to stay after school together.

5:45 pm:  Time for the late bus!  On the ride home, I talk to friends and also try to get some homework done.    

6:30 pm:  I’m home!  I finish my homework and get ready for another great day of seventh grade!


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